About Me

Hi! I’m Karen. I’ve been shooting professionally since 2006. I specialise in headshots and portraits.

As an actress I wanted a photographer who could guide me throughout the shoot so I knew what we were trying to achieve, and this is exactly what I do. I know how daunting a session can be and I like to create an environment that allows you to relax and have fun whilst capturing the best of you.

Most of my work comes from being the recommended photographer for several actors agencies and drama schools, and it is great to see my shots supporting actors in their careers.

I am still a working actress and now also a mum to two beautiful girls.

The Shoot

We start with a chat where you can let me know a bit about yourself, where your career is currently and how you want it to progress. You can ask me any questions you have about the shoot and discuss anything you feel I may need to know such as any notes your agent may have given you.

I never rush and the shoot lasts as long as is necessary until we are both sure we have achieved what we need. Usually 2 hours is more than enough for my standard headshot shoot.


Actors Headshots

As we shoot we work towards a full portfolio based on your range as an actor using simple casting suggestions or context words that evoke a feeling. This direction not only helps you to relax but also gives you something to focus on. We can then achieve a wide range of images that offer a nod to a particular style or emotion. I have been told that this way of shooting has completely changed how actors experience their session allowing you to fully become a part of the shoot. Casting directors want a headshot that looks like you but with an edge and a direct quality that makes you stand out.

We capture the standard 10×8 style headshots and also some wider US style shots in landscape that can create a very filmic feel. These are also great for websites, IMDb and social media.



I shoot in ever changing natural light both indoors and outdoors from my home studio, which allows for a variety of backgrounds.  This makes for a completely unique shoot with differing light and tones from session to session.



We allow for several changes of carefully selected clothing. We can also look at different hair and make-up options and whether you wish to shave during the shoot etc. Once you have booked in I will send over detailed information on how to prepare, what to bring and advice on your session.


Portrait and Personal Branding

In my portrait and personal branding sessions I also work towards your needs in your chosen line of work from business owners to dancers to offer your clients and audience a sense of who you are, your work ethic, talents and your nature.


After the shoot

After the shoot I carefully select the very best of our session and then upload them to a contact sheet. This is usually sent to you within 2 working days. Once you have selected your images they will be cropped, colour corrected and retouched including tone, contrast and blemishes. I am also happy to offer advice on the image selection process.


Please see my FAQ page for further information or contact me if you have any questions at all.