The Shoot


We start with a chat over a tea where you can let me know a bit about yourself, where your career is currently and how you want it to progress. You can show me old headshots if you wish and freshen up.

As we shoot we work towards a full portfolio based on your range as an actor using simple casting suggestions or words that evoke a feeling. This direction not only helps you to relax but also gives you something to focus on. We can then achieve a range of images such as gritty, warm, motherly, strong, urban etc. I have been told that this way of shooting has completely changed how actors experience their session allowing you to fully become a part of the shoot.

I shoot using natural light both indoor and outdoors in a private location which allows for a variety of unique backgrounds that will reflect and support your diversity.

We allow for several changes of carefully selected clothing based on casting types. We can also look at different hair and make-up options and if you wish to shave during etc.

We review the images as we go so you are always taking an active part in the shoot and can see how we are progressing.

Each shoot lasts as long as is necessary to achieve what we both want but usually up to 2 hours for my standard shoot and up to 3 hours for my creative portfolio shoot.

Please see my FAQ page for further information.


Standard Headshot Shoot – £225

100 proofs and 4 retouched images.

Approximately 400-500 images taken then the best are edited to 100 proofs and cropped to 10×8.

Contact sheets of the proofs in colour and black/white are emailed to you, and your agent if you wish, as a high resolution pdf document usually within 2 days of the shoot. Your 4 chosen images are then fully finished and retouched in colour and black/white versions. Additional retouched images are £15 each.

Retouched images are sent via a link to your own private folder as high resolution printable quality files and also low resolution email quality.

Disc can be sent to you with the contact sheets and retouched images for £15.

Student Rate – £195

100 proofs and 4 retouched images.

As above for students in full time education only.

Headshot / Full Creative Portfolio – £295

150 proofs 10 retouched images.

As above but in addition to the headshots we also create a full portfolio of full length and mid shots using natural and studio lighting and a range of locations. With these stylised images the creative outcome is unlimited. These can be done at the headshot location or at a location of your choice. The headshots can also be more US style using different crops such as landscape.

Theatre, Publicity and Performance

Please contact me with your individual request.