Post lockdown discounts

I have continued to offer my half shoot actors headshots rate and added a discount to my standard headshots rate to help actors through the transition from lockdown to getting back to work.  Please see my PRICES page for more information.


Arriving and Location

You can arrive through the side access to the back of the property, which has a large garden and an open plan studio area where the bi-fold doors will be fully open. There is a dedicated guest bathroom for hand washing, changing and touching up make-up and hair.

Please arrive at the shoot alone unless you need to have a parent/guardian with you. In this case please only arrive with one person/member of your family. Please also arrive only at the time your shoot has been booked for. If you are early please contact me before arriving.


The shoot

Most of my images are taken at the side of the property and in an open doorway. I will wipe down and disinfect all contact surfaces including stools and reflectors and bathroom in between clients. I am happy to wear a face covering during the entire shoot if this is something that you would prefer.


Important Re Covid-19

If at any time before the shoot, even on the morning of the shoot, you develop any symptom of Covid-19 contact me immediately and we can easily re schedule. As with all my shoots, there will be no fee for moving the date.